PIC: Pumpkinstein Pumpkin Is Alive!

Pumpkinstein Pumpkins

Here is something you don’t see every day, even on the night of Halloween. A pumpkin perfectly molded to the face of Frankenstein. That’s right! The classic Frankenstein monster is now alive as a pumpkin, and you can own one on your front yard this year.

Farmer Tony Dighera from Cinagro Farms in California has been growing Pumpkinstein Pumpkins over the past four. He uses a special mold that allows enough light and air to enter it and allow the pumpkin to grow naturally. As a result, you get a perfect Frankenstein face on a pumpkin that should impressive any trick-or-treater this Halloween.

If you want a Pumpkinstein Pumpkin, you’ll have to cough up $125 apiece online. It’s pricey, but worth every dollar because it’s unique as hell.

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