New Music: Annihilated Attack Government On “XIII Steps To Ruination”

annihilation - xii steps to ruination - album cover

Coming out of Los Angeles, California, is the extreme death metal powerhouse Annihilated. Comprised of members from Abysmal Dawn, Grotesque, Excretion, and Arkaik, Annihilated will unleash their brutality upon the world with the release of their debut full-length, XIII Steps to Ruination, on October 28th. Right now, however, you can get a taste of their destructive power with the title track’s lyric video in the player above.

Falling in line with the band’s mission to stand against and question the motives of government and media, “XIII Steps to Ruination” is a full-on lyrical attack against the powers that be. It’s also an auditory attack that will have your head banging and your body convulsing with a violent need to unload your aggression. The riffs and pinch harmonics hit the sweet spot, the flurry of double bass is unrelenting and only accented by the exquisite mid-tempo snare, and the death growls are unworldly. The best part about the track, in my opinion, is the stop-and-go deliveries; not quite a breakdown, but equally as effective.

The album also features guest appearances from Sven De Caluwe (Aborted), Monte Pittman (Prong), Peter Truax (Vesterian, Eyes Of Fire), and Eric Stobel (Plaguereaper, P.O.R.).

annihilation - xii steps to ruination - album cover

You can pre-order XIII Steps to Ruination at:

XIII Steps To Ruination Track Listing:

1. Global Enslavement
2. Eyes In The Sky
3. This Fear I Speak Of
4. XIII Steps To Ruination
5. Eradication Profits
6. Divide Distract Deceive
7. For The Ignorant
8. Wastelands
9. Creations Of Man
10. Throne Of Eternity
11. Putrifacation

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