It’s Sexy Time! After School Massacre Is Coming To VOD + Gallery & Trailer

after school massacre cover art
After School Massacre -  cover artAfter School Massacre - slumber partyAfter School Massacre - bobbing for applesAfter School Massacre - curling iron deathAfter School Massacre - electric carving knife

In the tradition of Slumber Party Massacre, Sorority House Massacre, and even Student Bodies comes Brain Damage Films’ After School Massacre. This schlocky horror comes to VOD on November 4th, complete with rolling heads and bouncing breasts.

About After School Massacre:

After School Massacre (previously titled Teachers’ Day) is the latest from writer/director Jared Masters (Slink) and his production company, Frolic Pictures. The film, which was nominated for Best Feature at this year’s Shockfest, is a sure hit among horror fans with its hot pink, ring-pop terror, and wanton slaying of beautiful underwear-clad girls!

After School Massacre stars Nikole Howell, Savannah Matlow, Danika Galindo, Lindsay Lamb, Courtney Rood, Yasmine Soofi, and Simone Wasserman. Additional cast includes Art Roberts, Dawna Lee Heising, and fun cameos including Mindy Robinson.

After School Massacre Synopsis:

A 12th grade European History educator, Ty Anderson, whose minor online communication with a teasing student finds him immediately terminated from school grounds and snaps him into a psychotic killing spree, terrorizing his former female students at their slumber party.

Rock Hard \m/

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