New Music: Ides Of Gemini Will Haunt You With “May 22, 1453”

ides of gemini - the adversary

ides of gemini - the adversary

L.A.-based doomers Ides of Gemini released their sophomore effort, Old World New Wave, last week, and this week they’re offering up a new single. “May 22, 1453,”
is currently streaming over at Pitchfork, and you should definitely go check it out, as it’s a work of pure genius.

The track immediately draws you in as it opens with a steady bass line, shortly followed by a constant drum pattern, and peppered with guitar chords, all of which is carried by Sera Timms’ ethereal and melodic vocals. “May 22, 1453” continues as such, building intensity upon intensity along the way and with a haunting guitar solo halfway through, but the track never fully realizes the violent outpouring that it alludes to.

Sera Timms has offered an explanation about the oddly titled track, “May 22, 1453”:

We’ve had a history as a band of gifts and opportunities being given to us in alignment with the lunar phases, so it seemed fitting to give something back. This song, and really the whole album, is that something. The song was inspired by the prophetic May 22nd lunar eclipse preceding the fall of Constantinople. If you can imagine that empire as your mind and the black moon as your mother, then you will know the meaning of the Old World New Wave.

Go check out the new Ides of Gemini track and Yell about it in the comments section below.

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