Roamer: Rest Easy (2014) Pop Punk EP Review



Artist Roamer Album Rest Easy Year Released: 23 September 2014
Label Open Minded Records Genre Pop Punk

Nervous and ambitious. These are just two of the feelings I first felt when a band I was in put out our first four-track EP. It was unbelievable to me that part of my voice and skills (if I can call them that) was in a way permanent, it was very surreal to me. The ambition came from my belief of backing the project with my life. Well, that was then and this is how an up-and-coming band from Alabama, Roamer, must feel. Their EP, Rest Easy, is a collection of five songs filled with as much passion as catchy guitar lines, which is a lot.

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Stylistically, this band takes elements across the emo-revival/pop-punk bred bands of older days and the current age. Opening track “Rest Easy”’ takes Taking Back Sunday and The Story So Far into a great blend of interesting vocal melodies with intricate guitar lines. The ending dual vocals finish the track perfectly, giving light to the urgent and delicate vocal approach. The mixing can be muddy at times with the guitars, but they are some of the most interesting things littered in the songs. This is evident in the chorus of “So Much Worse.” A lead guitar slides around the background as the vocalist spits out impressive cries of desperation.

“Crutch” is the second song on the EP, lingering with the harmonious intro throughout the rest of the track. The clean guitars are only part of the opening, allowing for the chords to ring out with great depth. “For Me” is the ballad of the EP, much like a Real Friends tribute, contrasting melody with calm chord progressions. It is still amazing how many influences the band draws from. The song does not really take off into anything special, but focusing on personal lyrics to drive the song home.

The Rest Easy EP ends on “In Your Way,” a song that exhibits harmonized vocals and contrasting guitars to keep it flowing through the slow opening. The song spirals from there into pop punk chords and octave leads, keeping a perfect dynamic of heavy and melodic. As one guitar palm mutes through a part, another is being as technical as can be for this genre by flying around the fretboard.

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The Verdict:

So Roamer is debuting a full EP for the world, what have we learned tonight? The guitars are complex and interesting, the vocal lines are solid, the mix can be muddy (which comes with a first release), and the drums follow the music more than lead the charge. Honestly, Rest Easy is a start for the Alabama band, but what they will produce in the future will mean so much more. Nothing necessarily gets stuck in the head, but the songs are interesting enough to continue listening just to make sure the complexity was real. Keep it up, and anyone reading this make sure to pick up the album digitally on September 23, 2014.

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