Crucified: Dead Of Sleep (2014) Review – A Bittersweet Farewell



Artist Crucified Album Dead of Sleep Year Released: 9 September 2014
Label Get This Right Records Genre Hardcore

It’s like a five-year school reunion (do people do them that early nowadays?) with Crucified. Maybe it’s like your best friend suddenly transferring schools before you even have a comfortable relationship with him or her. It’s that band that joined Facebook the day of my birthday and then left the Internet world four years later. It hurts, but their legacy will never be forgotten (even if quick as can be).

Dead of Sleep is as visceral as it is fast. The thrash metal riffs combined with the hardcore vocals keep this LP interesting and full of interesting parts. The first track (and title track) “Dead of Sleep” is fast and in control. The riff used throughout the song is quick, slowing down in the middle to build more of a breakdown and a controlling pace. “Conduit” takes thrash level riffs to a hardcore influence with structure for breakdowns. The song barely has room to slow down, like a train not being able to stop.


It is this kind of peer pressure (for lack of a better term) that makes this album so fun. The band packs so much mosh into each of their songs, leaving for a sore and bruised body in the pit, well the metaphorical pit, since this is the final release. Yes, that’s right, people will not be able to all out mosh in a hardcore venue to “Unworthy.” It is a shame, because the riffs are infused with parts able to dance and freak out too. “Apathy” kicks in with a large-and-in-charge bass riff before guitars chug out the final three minutes of the EP. The vocals are furious, even a bit sincere, if sincere came ready to punch out your enemy.

The Verdict

It's short, it's heavy, and Dead Of Sleep knows what it is doing. It is disappointing that it took four years to hear these tracks. It's more intense than Expire, less alienating than Terror, but ready to crucify you with thrashy-hardcore riffs with intense vocals. For an EP, this is absolutely standout. Four songs that know exactly what they want to do without having to force anything, besides kicking your ass. Crucified, you will be missed.

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