Wrong Turn 6 Interview: Going Six Inches With Sadie Katz

sadie katz pic

sadie katz pic

Imagine going slightly mad and finding yourself in a soft, padded cell in the local psych ward. Now imagine a familiar and comforting voice keeping you calm; is it in your head or is it being piped in via a PA system? Or are you on the phone with Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort star Sadie Katz? If you’re lucky, you’re talking to Sadie Katz and feeling like you’re catching up with a long lost friend.

I had just such an experience, minus everything else but being on the phone with Sadie Katz. We spoke about a lot of stuff, including the upcoming film Wrong Turn 6, which has already been seen in the UK, and the U.S. release date keeps changing, but you should keep an eye on October. Sadie promised that the movie has lots of blood, gore, and sex. We also talked about her character and her interpretation of her, touched on Scorned, which she co-wrote and is actually inspired by one of Katz’ break ups, discussed nudity, and her upcoming projects.

Truly this might have been one of the easiest interviews I’ve ever done; we just said “hello” and away Sadie went, leaving me breathless like an unsatisfied lover. Check out the interview in the stream below, then find some of Sadie’s work and watch her in action.

If you want to stalk Sadie Katz, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.com/sadiekatz..

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