New Music: Torch Runner “Godlust” – It’s Auditory Violence Incarnate

torch runner - endless violence album cover

Torch Runner is preparing to go to war with the upcoming release of their second full-length album, Endless Nothing (due out September 30th). Until that time, however, you can hide in the trenches as the band bombards you with volleys of auditory violence. Among the first wave of their attack is the track “Godlust,” which you can stream right here:

After listening, I think you’ll agree that this is the most violent piece of music you’ve heard today. Maybe not, but it certainly ranks high.

“Godlust” opens with a barrage of blistering, crusty riffs, and a full-on assault on your senses. At first, it’ll take you a minute to figure out where Torch Runner is going with the track, but at just under the one minute mark, they find their groove in the two-minute track. And that groove is infectious.

Have a listen to the track and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Torch Runner Is:

Bassist/vocalist Rob Turner
Guitarist Scott Hughes
Drummer Josh Platt

Endless Nothing Track Listing:

1. Attrition
2. Bound By Misery
3. Congregation
4. Circuition
5. Godlust
6. Rebirth
7. Calloused Mind
8. Circle Of Shit
9. Wordless
10. Endless Nothing
11. A.L.E.L
12. All We Have
13. Unspoken

Rock Hard \m/

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