New Music: Opeth – Eternal Rains Will Come

Opeth’s latest studio album, Pale Communion, is out and so is their new trippy music video for “Eternal Rains Will Come”, which is the very first track on the album. The song definitely sets the overall tone of the album and reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd’s 1979 concept album, The Wall.

Pale Communion might just be a modern iteration of that album and makes me wonder if Opeth was really inspired by The Wall. Coincidentally, both are eleventh studio albums and bare some resemblance. Particularly in the bass and Hammond organ, at least that’s what I’m hearing, but I could be completely wrong. Mikael Åkerfeldt vocals are just as soft too.

Anyhow, the song is great and we hope it entices you to pick up Pale Communion today.

Check it out!

Track Listing:

1. “Eternal Rains Will Come” 6:43
2. “Cusp of Eternity” 5:35
3. “Moon Above, Sun Below” 10:52
4. “Elysian Woes” 4:47
5. “Goblin” (instrumental) 4:32
6. “River” 7:30
7. “Voice of Treason” 8:00
8. “Faith in Others” 7:39

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