Want Your Mind Blown? Ides Of Gemini Unleash “The Adversary”

ides of gemini - the adversary

ides of gemini - the adversary

Sounding like Fleetwood Mac (you know that band, right?) after emerging from an extended layover in Hell, Ides of Gemini have unleashed another track from their forthcoming Old World, New Wave full-length. “The Adversary,” now streaming at www.revolvermag.com, is a haunting doom metal offering that sounds like it would play nicely alongside a sacrificial altar. It’s clearly doom metal with retro sounds, but unlike the doom we’re accustomed to the fuzz is minimal and the vocals are crisp and clean. The sound is refreshing for the genre and definitely pleasing to the chill ear.

Guitarist Jason Bennett spoke about the track:

The album was sequenced with vinyl in mind, so the ‘old world’ songs are on side one and the ‘new wave’ songs are on side two. ‘The Adversary’ is from the ‘new wave’ side of the album, which we see as a hint toward the musical direction of future Ides of Gemini releases. At least that’s what we’re saying now, until we write a bunch of new stuff that sounds nothing like this.

Look for Old World, New Wave on September 16th, via SIGE Records.

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