[PIC] New Dead Snow 2 Poster & US Release Date

Dead Snow 2

Tommy Wirkola’s Nazi zombie hit, Dead Snow 2, is finally hitting US theaters this Halloween season. The epic sequel that pits Martin and his team of medical students against a zombified Nazi battalion is going to splatter the big screen on October 10th.

Earlier this month, we reviewed Dead Snow 2 at the Fantasia Film Festival, which received a perfect score.

Here is what Evil Argento said about the movie:

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead kicks ass left, right, up, and down. The movie is an exercise in inventiveness, creating new and exciting ways to kill zombies, badass ways zombies kill, and gruesome ways in which we can use the human anotomy, no matter how impossible. Is this a must-see? Fuck yeah it is!

Lastly, does this new Dead Snow 2 poster encourage you to check it out next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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