Heavy Montreal 2014, Day 1: Bring On The Thrash (Update No. 2)



Here we are again with another update about Day 1 at Heavy Montreal 2014. Last time we left you off with short review about Unlocking the Truth’s performance, and then we cut the review to do a short interview with those little tikes from Brooklyn, so keep an eye out for that.

Since then we’ve seen everything ranging from Dropkick Murphy to Anthrax, who’s actually performing right now! So consider yourselves lucky motherfuckers, we’re missing part of Anthrax’ show to bring you this good shit.

4:00 – Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace Tim Snow
Not long after our interview with Three Days Grace’s Brad Walst and Barry Stock, the boys from Toronto, Ontario, proved to a skeptical audience that they can, in fact, kill it with new singer Matt Walst. Yes, 3DG blasted through their hits, but the crowd response to the new single, “Painkiller,” was more than enthused.

4:45 – Dropkick Murphys

The Massachusetts-based band took the stage and did their thing. The highlight of their performance, oddly, might be their rendition of AC/DC’s “TNT.” As good as some of, you might say most of, Dropkick’s stuff is, not much gets a crowd riled up like a nice AC/DC chant.

5:30 – Voivod

Quebec’s homegrown thrash metal band, Voivod, well, they’re at just about every fucking metal festival held in Quebec. They did their thing, and they did it well. I will say that whomever is doing sound on that stage has fixed the issue we saw during Pennywise’s performance, so Voivod sounded on point.

6:15 – Anthrax

Yes, thrash metal giants Anthrax took the stage and are still there ripping it through their classics. And you can’t hardly beat the energy Anthrax puts into their performance… one look at Joey Belladonna running from one side of the stage to the other would tire most sedentary couch potatoes. In tribute to some of metal’s finest, the stage was/is adorned with images of Dimebag Darrell and Ronnie James Dio. Antrhax closed their set with “Antisocial.”

We’ll be back with more later (probably a quick review of The Offspring and, obviously, Metallica).

Rock Hard \m/

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