Circle II Circle’s Live Album Is A Savatage Album

circle ii circle - live at wacken

circle ii circle - live at wacken

Circle II Circle, formed in 2001 by former Savatage vocalist Zak Stevens, will release their first ever live album, Live At Wacken (Official Bootleg), on August 22nd.

The release, while exciting news to fans of the heavy metal/power metal/progressive metal band, is a bit of a misnomer. First of all, I’ve always had issue with a band putting out something called an “Official Bootleg” because those two terms contradict each other. Second, the live album captures Circle II Circle playing Savatage’s The Wake Of Magellan full-length, almost in its entirety. It’s not entirely out of left field since a lot of fans consider The Wake Of Magellan to be some of Savatage’s finest work and it was Stevens’ last album with the band, but it still seems like an odd undertaking.

What’s your take on CIIC releasing a live album that’s essentially a Savatage album?

Live At Wacken (Official Bootleg) Track Listing:

1. The Ocean/Welcome
2. Turns To Me
3. Morning Sun
4. Complaint In The System (Veronica Guerin)
5. The Wake Of Magellan
6. Anymore
7. The Hourglass
8. Blackjack Guillotine

Rock Hard \m/

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