Cold World – How The Gods Chill (2014) Album Review



Artist Cold War Album How the Gods Chill Year Released: 6 August 2014
Label Deathwish Inc. Genre Hardcore

Remember those ancient myths about the Greek gods? Often times they would be fooling around with the humans and decisively impacting their lives. Zeus was such a needy guy that he would sleep with and impregnate human women for fun. It must have been a silly time, having immortal beings going about their business but also going out of their way to dick around. When the gods were not causing destruction or making the world go round, what would they be doing? Cold World, a hardcore band from the mortal world, decided to discuss just How the Gods Chill, and they came with full exposure.

You can stream Cold World’s How the Gods Chill here.

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This album is very straightforward in comparison to previous efforts. Gone are the mellow introspective instrumentals like the opening of “Low Places” from No Omega. No, this album kicks and screams for it’s entire 28 minutes. The sequencing of songs is top-notch, building a natural flow and progression. “Never Knows Best” and “Never” are similar with their opening riffs, both allowing the song to build and then mash together pulsing beatdowns. The former has a beautifully sung portion that really stands out as one of the most memorable parts on the album, contrasting nicely with the crushing guitars. “No More Fun And Games” has another part featuring the urgent singing. One gripe is the drums never really take the stage. More attempts from them to make a difference would have been a nice change of pace. Even the mixing level of the drums feels laid back. The standard energy from this album comes from the guitar riffs, and “Omega” where George Hirsch lets his legendary presence be known.

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The two standout tracks on this album are the ones mixing rap and hardcore. Previously, Cold World teamed up with Sean Price and released a single combining their efforts into a nice groove. “Cracks of Hate” first comes out of the gate screaming with violence before Meyhem Lauren bursts through. The beat behind his rap is calm, allowing him more presence in the mix. “Hell’s Direction” was the first single released back in June, and it is infectious. It stands out with its twangy opening to its vicious end. It is one song that unleashes two underground subcultures with strength. The gods can’t even touch that.

The Verdict:

How the Gods Chill is a graciously paced album. The flow and carnal energy is noteworthy and a reason to keep listening. Kick back, find the underground and enjoy it. What is missing is more raw power, but what we have is a solid and enjoyable album.

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