The Walking Dead Season 5 Comic Con Trailer [VIDEO]

Above is the official The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer that was shown at the San Diego Comic Con. And holy crap! Do you think they showed us enough SPOILERS?

Let’s address, briefly, a few of those spoilers.

Beth, well she’s alive. Obviously she didn’t get captured by Joe and that temporary group that Daryl fell in with, as I had originally suspected. Season 4 left us in doubt about Beth’s existence, but the showrunners never addressed it after her capture, which was a pretty big indication that they were planning something in the future for her storyline. That new storyline seems to include official-looking law enforcement and a hospital of sorts.

Another major spoiler shows us that Rick and company get out of train car A, and that they end up forming some sort of alliance with their captors as they make their way to Washington D.C. to deliver Dr. Eugene Porter with the “cure.” However, trust is an issue, and, as Rick tells Carl, you’re never safe. Also, I’m pretty stoked that Sgt. Abraham Ford seems to have a pretty big role.

Aside from giving away way too much, the Comic Con trailer definitely leaves an impression and I think we have a lot to look forward to in Season 5 of The Walking Dead.

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