New Music: Artematica Transcends Metal Boundaries

The thing about heavy metal is that it’s international, but it’s much more than that. Heavy metal music is a unifier, bringing together groups of people from Japan to Brazil to the U.S. to Israel, and so on and so forth. Basically, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or which language you speak, if you understand a powerchord, a blast beat, an agonizing wail into a microphone, and a powerful bass line, you speak the language of and belong to the brotherhood of heavy metal.

So, it doesn’t really matter which language the lyrics are in, if you like metal, then you like what you like. But when a heavy metal band delivers its music and message without the aid of words, that music is definitely going international.

One such band is the independent Artematica (formed in 2012), from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the player above, have a listen to their track “Negro Declive,” which translates to “Black Decline.” I’m not sure what their message is with the song title, but if you watch the video, they are clearly socially aware. But more than that, or less, the musical perspective is absolutely stunning, and the incorporation of what I’m assuming is traditional Argentinean music is flawless.


On Artematica’s Facebook page, on the About page, the band has posted this as their biography:

Es un componente de la cultura, reflejando en su concepción los sustratos económicos y sociales, y la transmisión de ideas y valores, inherentes a cualquier cultura humana a lo largo del espacio y el tiempo.

Which, thanks to Google, translates to:

It is a component of culture, reflected in its design economic and social substrates and the transmission of ideas and values ​​inherent in any human culture across space and time.

So, what is that “component” they speak of? Are they referring to the band’s name, heavy metal, music in general…?

Whatever it is, the music is awesome.

Artematica Is:

Amijai Shalev: Bandoneón
Sergio Astrada: Guitar/Cello
Matias Brandauer: Bajo
Marcos Edwards: Drums

Rock Hard \m/

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