Norilsk Offers New EP For Free, But Pay ‘Em, Jerks

norilsk band pic 2014
norilsk band pic 2014

norilsk band pic 2014

Doom and sludge duo Norilsk consisting of Nicolas Miquelon (Damnus, The Great Russian Empire, ex-Kintra) and Nick Richer (Damnus, Doll, Outrage AD) are proud to announce the release of their debut EP Japetus, out today on July 22nd. The EP is available digitally as a “pay what you want,” plus you can grab a physical copy on limited-edition CDs (only 100 printed).

norilsk japetus cd package

Nicolas Miquelon (bass, guitar, vocals) comments:

Releasing the first EP of a new band always feels great; and it is particularly true with this one. Coming from a region where doom is slowly blooming on the metal horizon, Norilsk is for us like a different kind of seed springing out of the underground. Reactions to the songs have been very positive and we couldn’t be happier about the comments we received thus far.

From the huge sound to the clean layout and the simple vinyl looking packaging, we decided to press a very limited number of CDs, 100 to be precise, while making the digital version available on a pay-what-you-want basis. As records collectors, we like to think, aside from the quantity, that the exclusive Voivod cover gives the CD a rareness quality for fans to enjoy.

From the dramatic black and white 19th-Century photo of an ice shove in the port of Montreal to the duality of languages (French / English) and the frontier city where this band comes from (Gatineau QC / Ottawa ON), the whole EP has an underlying layer of contrasts under its weighty doom embrace.

Japetus is a good representation of what Norilsk is about: slow minimalistic death-doom metal with a few unorthodox elements, tainted in sludge. It doesn’t get any closer to what the future holds for this band—and like a harbinger of things to come, there are strong links between this CD and the upcoming full-length.

To get your free digital download and to order your limited edition copy of 1 of the 100 CDs printed, please go to:

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