Electric Funeral’s Total Funeral – Stream All 53 Tracks Right Now!

electric funeral - total funeral
electric funeral - total funeral

electric funeral – total funeral

If you like D-beat, and Electric Funeral more specifically, you’re probably already wetting yourself about the fact that Total Funeral comes out this week, but I bet I can make your poop yourself with some more cool news. Total Funeral is streaming in its entirety right now over at: cvltnation.com

That’s right, the full discography of Jocke D-takt will be available for purchase this week in the form of Total Funeral, and you can stream it right now. Southern Lord is issuing the anthology, which will be available in a blood red/beer piss 2xLP package and digital download. Orders for both versions can be placed at: electricfuneralsl.bandcamp.com

The hour-and-a-half journey into mind-blowing noise includes the tracks from Electric Funderal’s Harvester Of Death, Make Noise Not War, D-Beat Noise Attack, The Face of War, Make A Change, Gröndalen, In League With Darkness, and Order From Disorder releases, the split with Go Filth Go, and even several previously-unreleased and new/unreleased tracks.

Enjoy yourself, and we dare you not to hurt yourself while listening.

Rock Hard \m/

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