New Music: Enabler “Close My Eyes” [VIDEO]

Close My Eyes” from Enabler is one of those tracks that grabs you, shoves your face down in it, suffocates you, and when you come up for air you’re like “Whoa, that shit is awesome.” With a near tribal beat intro, I was half expecting a Mustaine-esque chug riff to follow, but no, this is a version of hardcore punk, which, for me anyway, almost always means some element of thrash metal. So, there it is, a taste of a first impression.

“Close My Eyes” is the opening track to Enabler’s pounding second LP, La Fin Absolue Du Monde.The video was filmed and edited by Kaleigh Atkinson and Sam Bowman on Enabler’s Spring 2014 East Coast Tour preceding the release of the new LP.

If you’re liking what you hear in “Close My Eyes,” then check out the full album stream. Then head over to to order your copy of the album.

Enabler Tour Dates:

8/01/2014 The Foundry – Cleveland, OH
8/02/2014 Carabar – Columbus, OH w/ Mortals
8/03/2014 Blind Bobs – Dayton, OH
8/04/2014 The HighDive – Champaign, IL
8/05/2014 Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL w/ Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder
8/06/2014 The Busted Lift – Dubuque, IA
8/07/2014 The New Direction – Fargo, ND
8/08/2014 Arson Fest – Winnipeg, MB
8/09/2014 The Rathole – Minneapolis, MN
8/10/2014 The Public House – Milwaukee, WI

Rock Hard \m/

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