Beta Test For Destiny Starts Tomorrow, Download The Free Companion App

Bungie - Destiny Logo

The long-awaited Destiny video game from the creators of Halo won’t be released in full until September, but for those that can’t wait a few more months for the final copy can get an early gab at the shooter starting tomorrow. That’s right! A playable beta version of Destiny will be available for anyone who preordered a copy of the game on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will have access to the beta on July 23rd.

Rumor is the beta version of Destiny will include four story missions, four multiplayer maps, and a cooperative Strike. However, Bungie still hasn’t revealed exactly what fans should expect tomorrow. Also, there’s still no official word yet if players can carry forward progress from the beta to the full game when it arrives on September 9th.

In addition, a free Destiny companion app is now available for download, which lets players do a number of neat things like customize your armor and monitor your inventory on the fly. Apparently, the app will also serve as compendium of Destiny’s lore.

Destiny app is available for Android or iPhone.

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