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Being that we’re just days away from the 2014 Fantasia Film Fest, I thought it would be a good time to give you some reasons to go. Actually, these reasons can almost certainly apply to any film fest, but especially a genre film fest.

Given that these fests often span several days, let’s assume that your stay in the host city will be extended. And let’s assume that you can’t possibly sit and watch movies 24/7, or until the cows come home, no matter how sedentary your basement dwelling ass might be. So, it pays to do a little research about the area you’ll be visiting. If you do your homework, you’ll do doubt find some fabulous restaurants and bars, some museums or other culturally significant thing to visit, some physical outdoorsy activities to do, some house of horrors, or, in the case of Montreal, lots of nudie bars or other places of ill repute to lose your money.

With all that tourist-type stuff mentioned, let’s get to the real reasons why you should go to a genre film fest.

No.5 Be Among the First

Everyone likes to be first. First in line, first to enter, first place, first to comment, first to be served, and first to see. A lot of the films at a film fest are making their world premiere, and if not, they’re at least making their geographic premiere. And these premieres are usually a year or two before the films make their way to the theaters or onto DVD/Blu-ray. That means while your slacker friends have to wait for the release of these films into the mainstream, you will have already seen them, and you can shove their noses in that fact.

No4. Film Culture

When you go to a genre film fest, you’re most likely going to be in the company of like-minded genre fans and geeks. When that happens, you get to make new friends. Aww, how freakin’ sweet. The real point with this entry is the fun atmosphere that can result when all these obsessive fans are locked in a dark theater. Not only are we all creating a perfect scenario for a mass murder scene, but we’d be cheering as it happens… well, as it happens on the screen anyways. Yes, the hooting and hollering, the screaming and shouting, the jumping and twitching that goes on as buxom vixens run topless and bloody, as potential victims go into places that they shouldn’t, as the killer stalks his prey, it’s all so much damn fun to experience first hand, and it rarely happens anywhere else than at a genre film.

No.3 A Chance to Stalk Your Heroes

As mentioned, the films screened at a film fest are often their premiere in some way or another. Because they are making their premieres, the directors, producers, and sometimes the actors are there to present them because they’re so damn proud of them. They should be proud too, especially since they’ve been working on these projects for at least a year in most cases… and this is your chance to stalk them.

Check out the list of guests at Fantasia 2014 at: www.fantasiafestival.com

No.2 Short Films

Short films are generally and unjustly undervalued. Thankfully they sometimes get their own screening at film fests, and if not, at least the precede a feature film. But even the latter seems like winning second best. Fact is, shorts, with their smaller budgets and shorter production times, offer fresh, young writers and directors to get their wares out on the market and show off their skills. Sometimes, these shorts end up getting picked up by a studio and going into feature-length production. Whether or not the original vision in the short gets washed out as a feature film is up to the viewer, but isn’t it an awesome avenue?

No.1 Movies… Lots and Lots of Movies

Not to say it in the same breath, but film fests are jam packed with feature films, and there are a lot of them. At this years Fantasia there are over 160 films to immerse yourself in. Sleep? Who needs sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Check out the films showing at Fantasia 2014 at: www.fantasiafestival.com

Now, not all film fests are as robust as Fantasia, but any film fest is going to have a decent selection. From action to drama to comedy to sci-fi, and to our favorite, horror.

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