The Rough Boys Show Their High-Octane Chops On “Blood, Booze And Gasoline”

the rough boys - band photo 2014

the rough boys - band photo 2014

It doesn’t ever really get any purer than this, and what “this” is is a full-on assault of your senses in the form of punk-infused thrash metal (or is it the other way around?). It doesn’t really matter, this is kick ass music that’ll leave your vocal chords bloody and your as bruised. Best of all, it’ll have you looking for a fight for no damn reason.

Toronto, Canada’s The Rough Boys have just dropped “Blood, Booze and Gasoline” from their forthcoming EP of the same name. The EP is scheduled to hit you in the face on July 22nd.

Visit to hear the new track.

the rough boys - blood booze and gasoline - cover artAnd it doesn’t really get more Canadian than this band, having taken their name from a Neil Young lyric, “All those rough boys, playin’ that rock and roll” and having a track on Blood, Booze and Gasoline called “May Two Four” (if you’re unaware, May 24th is a holiday in Canada, I mean an excuse to get drunk. Additionally, “Two-Four” is the colloquial way to refer to a case of beer up there where they shit ice cubes).

Basically, if you like peddle-to-the-metal rock and/or Motorhead, you’re gonna love this.

Track Listing: The Rough Boys – Blood, Booze and Gasoline

1. Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead (2:27)
2. Hogtown (3:57)
3. Blood, Booze and Gasoline (3:05)
4. May Two Four (3:11)

We’ll keep you posted if more tracks get released and about tour/show dates, if they should happen.

Rock Hard \m/

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