Funko Hershel Figure Is Hilarious

Hershel Funko Figurine

Hershel Funko Figurine

Like everyone else, we’re stark raving mad about The Walking Dead, but as good as the show is, it has it’s questionable moments; it can be boring, plodding, misdirected, etc. So, what’s the point if you can’t find the humor in it once in a while.

Helping us do just that is the toy maker Funko. For example, take the recently departed Hershel character. We all loved him, finding him endearing, wise, knowledgeable, and maybe a little sad with his bum leg. However you felt about him, you had to feels the pangs of a great disturbance in the force when the Governor lobbed off his head (yes, I’m assuming your sorry ass is up to date on the show). And the Funko rendition of the character and all his ailments is just priceless: missing leg, crutches, a blood-soaked shirt, and a pop-off head.

Yup, this is a great stocking stuffer and a fantastic desk jockey. But not everyone will be able to have one as it will require a trip to San Diego to get one. The Funko Hershel figure will only be available at the San Diego Comic Con this July 23rd to 27th.

Other properties Funko will be showing off at its booth include: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and My Little Pony. Get a preview of some of these at

Rock Hard \m/

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