Father Murphy Collaborates With Italian Artist Luca Dipierro + More

Last month avant occult duo Father Murphy was brought to my attention, and then I quickly brought it to yours. At the time I’d said that their music was “totally suitable to be the soundtrack to some satanic/devil worship flick involving witches drinking the blood of goats.” The recent collaboration between Father Murphy and Italian illustrator/animator Luca Dipierro might be just what I asked for.

The Huffington Post called Dipierro’s short films “a perfect mix between creepy and charming.” Other sources have described his art as carnivalesque tales of acrobacy and death that draw from the traditions of Italian commedia dell’arte and Sicilian teatro dei pupi (marionette theater). Sorrowful and comical at once, the clips you’re about to see show that Dipierro’s animations tell stories of trees growing out of furniture, stranded Columbus-like explorers, puppet funerals, monkeys, prestidigitators, ghosts, and a woman birthing a fish.

The animated video in the player above showcases the recent Father Murphy recording of “Let the Wrong Rise With You” from the Pain Is on Our Side Now EP to the visual madness of Dipierro. If that intrigues you, you gotta check out the following three videos of this perfect mix of art:

Father Murphy – “In Their Graves”

“Tre storie innaturali”

Father Murphy – “In the Flood With the Flood”

Father Murphy From the Road

Father Murphy is currently touring North America, bringing their eerie macabre and strangely addictive sounds to new audiences and making new fans of our masses. The band, Rev. Freddie Murphy (vocals, guitar) and Chiara Lee (vocals, keyboards, percussions), had this to say about their journey so far:

Over the last few weeks our hearts pumped and our blood run together with all of you who promoted, booked, played at, and came our shows. To all of you who fed us, gave us a place to sleep, and even simply shared a thought and a word with us, it’s been an honor and a privilege to feel part of a community. We never cared for [music] scenes, but it meant a lot to feel our heartbeats having the same tempo with some of the people around us.

If you’re in the California area, even tonight (July 9th), you might be lucky enough to catch Father Murphy in the act. See the dates just below:

Father Murphy – Upcoming Tour Dates:

7/09/2014 Live at Radio Valencia (8-10 am) – San Francisco, CA
7/11/2014 Late Friday Nights @ Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive – Berkeley, CA w/Gabriel Saloman
7/19/2014 House Of Milk And Honey – Sacramento, CA w/ Dead Western, Featherbeard
8/01/2014 Bottom Of The Hill – San Francisco, CA, w/ Xiu Xiu, Circuit Des Yeux

Of course these aren’t all the dates; the band will continue to tour Stateside throughout July and August. Keep up with Father Murphy on Twitter.

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