Secret Cutter’s Self Titled Is The Monks Junk – Review



Artist Secret Cutter Album Self Titled EP Year Released: 2014
Label None Genre Sludge | Doom

Secret Cutter has followed up their debut EP, If You Don’t Hate Yourself, You’re Not Paying Attention, with their independently released debut full-length, Self Titled. And from the opening chord to last the album will have you saying, “Holy mother of fucking God! This is just… just… fucking good!” Hailing from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Secret Cutter is a testament that hard, American music is alive and well.

Self Titled will kick you in the head; it’s a wake up call; it’s a call to arms; it says we’re better than you without trying.

secret cutter - self titled - cover artThe riffs are inventive, the song structures are creative and almost jazz-inspired, it’s unpretentious noise with purpose, it’s honest, it’s experimental, and fuck me with a monkey wrench it’s brutal and heavy and oddly melodic. It’s a fucking masterpiece.

When you’re finished listening to Self Titled for the first time I dare you not to listen to it again right away. Resist as you may, there’s so much going on here from just three guys that you missed something and what you didn’t miss is so fan-fucking-tastic that you’ll want to make sure it’s all on the table. But don’t worry, you’ll miss some more.

Just go to right now and order their damn album.

Secret Cutter Is:

Ekim – vocals
Jared Stimpfl – drums
Evan Morey – guitars

Self Titled Track Listing:

1. Mirror Mirror
2. Deformed Eye
3. 17.5 Dead Air
4. Craving the Silence
5. Vow of Poverty
6. Shake the Malevolent
7. Midtro
8. End of Sylvan
9. Headache Ball
10. Driftwood

The Verdict:

This is a working-class band from a working-class town, and they’ve got rage and intelligence to back it up. You can poke me with a cattle prod, put me in a basket, and send me to hell if this isn’t among the best albums you’ve heard all year. The shameful thing here is that I doubt this album will make any top metal albums of 2014 lists; it totally deserves a spot.

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