[PIC] Clive Barker Parade: An Exhibition Of Erotic Artworks

Clive Barker

With the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con coming up in three weeks, fans of Clive Barker and his erotic artwork like the one pictured above should be pleased to hear that Alexander Salazar and Century Guild will be presenting a gallery of Clive’s artwork during the annual event in honor of an upcoming movie titled Jacqueline Ess. A movie based on his early short stories from the Books of Blood series.

For those that are not aware, the adaptation will be directed by Jovanka Vukovic and star Lena Headey, an actress who previously played Queen Gorgo in 300: Rise of an Empire.

Jacqueline Ess tells the story of a beautiful woman with the ability to horrifically change people’s body shapes simply with her mind. Her ability gives her the power to grant men the ultimate sexual experience, albeit one that always proves fatal. It’s a story of sex, power, and the extremes that await us at the limits of desire.

Filming is expected to begin later this year, and the gallery will allow fans to get acquainted with Clive’s beautiful artwork before hand that will include prizes and a special presentation by Raven Banner Entertaintment, one of the movies producers.

Doors will open for the gallery at the Alexander Salazar Fine Art studio (1040 7th Avenue) in San Diego on July 25th from 7:00pm – 9:00pm.

Clive Barker Parade: An exhibition of erotic artworks

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