New Music: Norilsk Brings The Epic On “Japetus”

norilsk band photo - 2014

You know those songs that get you from the very beginning? They got that hook and/or epic intro that just builds and builds into a complete and total aural assault. That’s the case with Norilsk’s debut single, “Japetus,” from their debut EP, Japetus. The only thing missing for me is a transition into something resembling a guitar solo. For whatever reason, the option to just go straight ahead with heavy hooks and riffs was chosen. If I’m going to get really picky, I find the vocals to be a bit buried as well. Still, it kicks ass.

The Gatineau, Quebec-based death, doom, and sludge duo consists of Nicolas Miquelon (Damnus, The Great Russian Empire, ex-Kintra) and Nick Richer (Damnus, Doll, Outrage AD), and both are proud to unleash the first and title track from their forthcoming EP, set for release on July 22nd.

norilsk band photo - 2014

Named after Siberia’s most northern city, Norilsk draws their inspirations and themes from Northern identity, isolation, and world demise. Incorporating elements of sludge and post-metal along with influences from doom-death metal bands such as Thergothon, Saturnus, and early My Dying Bride.

Says Nicolas Miquelon:

Norilsk is definitely something I wanted to do for a long time. Revisiting old-school influences with today’s perspective gave me the opportunity to exorcise the darkness within – and nothing seemed more appropriate as a breathing exercise than doom-death metal.

Presented in a very limited CD edition and digital format, the Japetus EP is both an introduction to the band and a teaser to future recordings. Clocking just under 20-minutes, the EP includes the title track, which will be on the band’s planned full-length album and also features one alternate version of “Potsdam Glo,” along with a cover of Voivod’s “Negatron,” which is exclusively available on the CD.

Rock Hard \m/

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