New Music: Dictated Debut First Single + Album Art For The Deceived

There’s a void in the heavy metal landscape when it comes to metal from the Netherlands, which is, at least in part, why we’re giving some attention to Dictated. Our ears have also perked up like an elven creature in Lothlórien when we heard the new single, “No Mercy for Cowards,” from their upcoming album, The Deceived.

dictated - the deceiverOf course the straight-up death metal elements of the new song are fantastic, as is the brutality of it as a whole, but I’m really drawn the the swinging groove that’s found in the second half of “No Mercy for Cowards.”

Give it a listen in the player above, and let us know what you think of the track.

In regard to The Deceived’s cover art, can you really look at it and not think of Rammstein’s Till Lindemann?

Dictated will drop The Deceived on August 19th, via Metal Blade Records. Pre-orders can be made at:

The Deceived Track Listing:

01. Forced Into Dismay
02. This is to All
03. No Absolution
04. The Basher
05. No Mercy For Cowards
06. Dispossession
07. The Deceived
08. Stonebreakers Rising
09. They Live, They Suffer, They Die
10. Rail Of Death

dictated - band photo

Dictated is:

York Keijzer – vocals
Sonja Schuringa – guitars
Yessica Otten – guitars
Henri Sattler – (session) bass
Michiel vd Plicht – (session) drums

Dictated History:

Dicated’s humble origins began when guitarists Yessica and Sonja stumbled upon Michiel vd Plicht and Henri Sattler during a heavy drinking session. While Henri was hustling to sell the girls one of his custom made SK Guitars, they managed to talk business in creating the new Dictated album.

On the same night, vocalist York became interested in the project, and after another night in the Irish pub, he was there to stay.

With a full lineup completed, the five of them took over rehearsal rooms and Henri drove the other four members to write the best material possible. Ten new songs were born with the help of an abundance of sweat, beer, and coffee.

In September 2013, Dictated entered Studio Soundlodge to record the new album. In the meantime, photo shoots took place in which friends and family of Dictated found themselves mutilated in the artwork. A solid sense of humor, a tenuous grip on sanity, determination, and willpower led to Dictated’s second effort: The Deceived.

Rock Hard \m/

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