[PIC] Yell This! Panzerfaust Piss On The Westboro Baptist Church

panzerfaust and the westboro baptist church

panzerfaust and the westboro baptist church

Canadian black metal band, Panzerfaust, took time out to pose for a heartwarming picture in front of the Westboro Baptist Church. When the band posted the picture to their Facebook page, they included the following caption:

The epicenter of all outhouses: THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH. As an outhouse, it was employed as such. For even thinking about protesting Jeff Hanneman’s funeral, may your mothers suck cocks in hell.

You gotta love metal for being, well, proud.

Note that Ozzy Osbourne once pissed on the Alamo (actually on the Alamo Cenotaph), which resulted in his being banned from public appearances in San Antonio for a decade. Albeit, Ozzy’s reasons were far less noble.

Rock Hard \m/

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