New Music: Illuminate Me Debuts “West Side Artgoon Craigslist Killa”

illuminate me band pic

illuminate me band pic

If you’ve got a minute, actual one minute and forty-seven seconds, then you should check out the just-dropped track, “West Side Artgoon Craiglist Killa,” from Illuminate Me. It’s truly baffling how much the band was able to fit into such a short song, moving from a blistering hardcore punk pace to a heavy, almost doomy, melodic death metal groove.

So you see, this is a good way to spend your 1:47.

Head over to to stream the track, which features guest vocals from The Plot In You vocalist Landon Tewers.

“West Side Artgoon Craiglist Killa” comes off of Illuminate Me’s debut full-length, I Have Become a Corpse. The album comes out July 15th, via Tragic Hero Records. Pre-orders can be made at:

Vocalist Christopher Murray has commented about the album:

We have spent countless months, weeks, and hours on this album to make it close to perfect in our eyes. It shows how much we have grown since our EP Crawlspace and how we’ve expanded the idea that this band is more than just a band. For us it’s a movement and we hope you can join us to illuminate the world.

Illuminate Me has taken a refreshing leave from typical punk/heavy metal lyrical themes (unrequited love or war and politics or social injustices) and made this album about misplaced compromise. As we’re told, “the album tells a story of someone who gave up all their passions and dreams for the sake of others. This person is seeking another’s approval or happiness while neglecting their own.”

Also, check out Illuminate Me’s live intensity in this music video for “Apples to Whoranges”:

Let us know what you think of this new and intense band.

Rock Hard \m/

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