Linkin Park Uses A Tired Cliche [LYRIC VIDEO]

Fair warning: I hate Linkin Park. They’re useless and from what I’ve heard just about every song sounds the same. True enough, most bands “stick” to a certain sound and structure, but Linkin Park’s is just annoying.

Long story short, I heard their new single, “Until It’s Gone,” on the radio the other day. I was flabbergasted that they’d actually sunken to a new low as to use such a tired cliche as their chorus, and it’s not even a fresh use of it. What really got me was that this same tired cliche was used back in 1988 by Cinderella — and they did a much better job with it, because they knew it was a cliche expression.

That’s about all I have to say on that, other than the Linkin Park song sucks ass. The lyric video, however, is pretty elaborate for a lyric video. Check it out in the player above.

I know a lot of people like them, so feel free to troll and hate. If you’re among these group of people, why don’t you show your love for the band and buy their new album, The Hunting Party (out June 13th).

MP3 – $10.49 or CD – $12.91

Rock Hard \m/

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