New Music: Allegaeon “Threshold of Perception”

Allegaeon Elements of the Infinite album cover

Allegaeon Elements of the Infinite album cover

Earlier this week we brought you Allegaeon’s humorous video for the track “1.618.” Today, via Metal Sucks, the band has premiered a new track off of their forthcoming album, Elements of the Infinite.

To say that “Threshold of Perception” is anything less than intense would be like saying the Egyptian Pyramids are humble abodes. It’s a big track that seems to incorporate everything within the heavy metal toolbox. A soft acoustic intro that’s soon joined by a building orchestration, and then full-out arpeggio riffing turned to thrash riffing, and joined by death growls.

Guitarist Greg Burgess spoke about the track:

This song took me literally forever to ‘get right.’ I give Joe Ferris loads of credit for putting up with my nitpicking on the intro. ‘I want that choir bigger in the D Major section!’ We should’ve knocked up T-Shirts for that part. Dude took my crap midi sketch and made it come alive. Other than that this is a pretty straight forward thrash tune, with a few polyrhythms thrown in to drive Mike and Brandon nuts.

Elements of the Infinite will be released on June 24, 2014, in North America, June 23rd, in the UK/Europe, and June 20th, in the European G|A|S territories.

Pre-orders can be made at:

Allegaeon will also be hitting the road this August as part of The Artery Metal Tour. Check our previous posting for dates and venues.

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