Suicide Monday: What Dreams May Come

rhue suicide
Rhue SuicideRhue SuicideRhue SuicideRhue SuicideRhue SuicideJimmy SuicideJimmy SuicideJimmy SuicideJimmy SuicideJimmy Suicide

Jimmy Suicide

jimmy suicide
Location: France
Age: 26
Into: Beauty, concerts, family, food, friends, Jagermeister… and you, jewelry creation, make-up, my dog, photography, shoes, tattoos, video games, zombies
5 things that I can’t live without: Glasses, hairdresser, Internet connection, lighter, vanity case
I spend most of my free time: With my lovely Alienware M11X

Music: Aerosmith, Alter Bridge, A Perfect Circle, Avatar, Avenged Sevenfold, Backyard Babies, Bon Jovi, Despairs Ray, Dir en Grey, Green Day, Him, Iron Maiden, Justine, Lady Gaga, MCR, Metallica, Miyavi, Mucc, Paradise Lost, Rammstein, Sum 41, The 69 Eyes, The Offspring, Tool, Uncommonmenfrommars, Vamps, Walk Off the Earth

Television: Breaking Bad, Canal+, Doctor Who, Earl, Flash Forward, Game of Thrones, LOST, Sex and the City, South Park, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, The Walking Dead, Torchwood, Weeds

Films: 21 Jump Street, 300, Conan, Dead Snow, Disney, Django Unchained, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Forest Gump, Leaving Las Vegas, Limitless, Midnight Express, Moulin Rouge, Romero, Unthinkable

Books: E.L. James, J.T. Leroy, Murakami Ryu, Oscar Wilde, Poppy Z. Brite, Stephen King

Video games: Battlefield 3 & 4, Bayonetta, Burnout Paradise, Dead Rising 2, Donkey Kong Country 2 & DKC Returns, GTA IV & V, Guild Wars 2, Mario (all of them), MX vs. ATV, Pokeman, Red Dead Redemption, Rift, SIMS 3, Sonic (old versions), Soul Calibur IV, too many to write them all… Zelda

Rock Hard \m/

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