Homefront: The Revolution Announce Trailer [VIDEO]

Homefront: The Revolution from Crytek and Deep Silver isn’t coming to PC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One until 2015, but the first gameplay trailer will be demoed at E3 2014.

The first-person shooter guerilla-warfare game builds upon the story established in the first Homefront game, in which North and South Korea reunited and invaded the U.S. Now, four years later, the U.S. is occupied and open warfare is no longer an option. Unlike the game’s predecessor, this one is massively open world. And as you play as a civilian-turned-freedom-fighter everything you do and say affects what happens in the game.

Check out the announcement trailer in the player above and tell us that it doesn’t look totally awesome.

Homefront: The Revolution Synopsis:

Years after the Greater Korean Republic’s invasion, the United States is occupied, but not defeated. Ignite the second American Revolution from the birthplace of American Liberty itself: Philadelphia. Homefront: The Revolution will be available in 2015 on PlayStation 4.

Is Homefront: The Revolution something you’re interested in getting and playing? Let us know.

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