[PIC] True Blood Series Finale – Will You Shed A Tear?

True Blood Season Finale Poster

I just kind of assumed that True Blood would go on forever, and that my kids would be able to talk about how it and Boardwalk Empire were SO much better back in Season 27. “This Season 30 is just nonsense.” But my assumptions have been dashed, because True Blood is entering its final season and man, does it have the poster to prove that!

The best way to make a poster for a final season is to show your lead character nearly dead on it. They did it with Season 8 of Dexter, where they had the titular character wrapped to a table, and they do it here, with Sookie Vampress (that’s her name, right?) bleeding out of her eye, which is usually the international symbol for someone being dead or very close to dying. You never go up to a person who’s bleeding from their eye holes and ask them about their workout routine. The same goes for posters for shows that have slowly devolved into narrative quagmires. You won’t see this poster and think, “Well, I’m sure Sookie Vampress (I’m sticking with it) is going to have a very redemptive season.”

[Editor’s note: We’re aware that the vampires on True Blood cry tears of blood.]

The final season of True Blood starts June 22nd at 9 p.m., only on HBO.

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