Phantasm V Teaser Trailer – The Orb Is back! [VIDEO]

The craftsmanship behind the Phantasm series has forever been the best part to them to me. Always sincere, sometimes silly, but constantly entertaining, they’re films that made you feel like Don Coscarelli is really trying to do his best to make cool movies, despite any interference that he may face during production. And while Don isn’t in the director’s chair for Phantasm V: Ravager, the series looks to have maintained its standard of Phantasm craziness.

It’s been sixteen years since Phantasm IV, and the cast’s ages are definitely starting to show, though, I think this is what will ultimately make Phantasm V special. I love Dark Knight Returns-esque scenarios where everyone is a bit older and a bit more broken down, but still (in some cases, murderously) passionate about what they’re doing. I’m also extremely excited to see Angus Scrimm in another movie. I recently watched the episode of Masters of Horror that he was in (that Coscarelli also directed), “Incidents On and Off a Mountain Road” and he really is an intriguing, engaging actor, with the best facial expressions in the business. The director of Phantasm V, David Hartman, is known primarily for directing cartoons, but he did work heavily on the underappreciated Godzilla: The Series, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to dealing with live action subjects.

Bring on Phantasm V. The orb is back.

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