Heavy Montreal Daily Linups Announced!

heavy montreal daily lineup poster

heavy montreal daily lineup poster

If you’re fortunate enough to be going to Heavy Montreal 2014 on both days, August 9th and 10th, this news doesn’t really matter to you. However, if you’re among the metal fans that are forced to, for one reason or another, choose one day over another, then the Heavy Montreal daily lineup will affect your decision.

You can see the daily lineup in the image above, but for a lot of people it’s going to come down to Metallica or Slayer. It’s also noteable that the Metallica day (the 9th) looks to be more punk oriented while the Slayer day (the 10th) looks more metal. Choose wisely, for there is no turning back.

Yell! Magazine will be attending Heavy Montreal 2014 to bring you daily coverage, galleries, and interviews (if all goes according to our evil plans, muhahaha).

Rock Hard \m/

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