Watch The Will Ferrell & Chad Smith Drum-Off [VIDEO]

It finally happened: Comedic actor Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith had their little drum-off on The Tonight Show. The genesis for this whole rivalry started when someone said that Smith looked like Ferrell, and there’s been talk of a battle to see who’s the better drummer for months.

We don’t get to talk about comedy or Ferrell that often, but believe us, we do have a sense of humor about things, and it doesn’t have to do with someone giving birth to the anti Christ. Smith might be metal, but he and the band he smashes for have the respect, or at least used to, of the majority of metalheads. So, given the musical tie-in, we jumped at the chance to show this to you guys.

Given how Ferrell seems to be faster than the speed of sound, we have to give the award to him as the best drummer.

Oh, and their KISS shirts totally rule!

Rock Hard \m/

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