WolfCop 2 Announced!

WolfCop 2

Following the successful screening of WolfCop last week at the Cannes Film Festival, and I mean successful because fans went nuts over the film, CineCoup announced a sequel to WolfCop right after it was purchased by two “happy” international buyers.

Brad Pelman, CineCoup President, revealed that they already have plans to start production on the sequel this fall, and director Lowell Dean will be at the helm of the project again using the same winning formula as the original.

We are ecstatic by the reception of international buyers to CineCoup’s first feature film. Based on the unanimous positive reaction to the film, we will be putting Wolfcop 2 into production this fall.

There’s no detail about the story yet, but you can expect it to be “dirtier and harrier than the first one.” Leo Fafard who played Lou Garou in the first WolfCop will most likely return again as the rage-fueled werewolf.

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