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toxiclife and the overachievers

We can get behind any guy who calls himself Toxiclife and has worked for Lloyd Kaufman‘s Troma Entertainment, and has a song called “Michael Myers,” complete with a rendition of the Halloween theme for the intro.

Our very own Danailya Reese had the chance to talk with Toxiclife, learning that there’s a new album from Toxiclife and the Overachievers on the way. Find out what else she gleaned from the punker’s mind in the interview below.

toxiclife and the overachievers

Can you tell me about how the band got started? Where did it get started and where are you based out of currently?

I started performing acoustically as Toxi Life in 2000. I picked some friends up living in Philly and we wound up just enjoying playing a lot of music together. Currently I live in NY and my bandmates live in Philly. I’m back and forth a lot, so we’re omnipresent.

Can you tell me a bit about each of the members?
Nolan Felix and Miles Ziskind (The Over Achievers) are both like brothers to me, I’ve known them both close to 10 years. I met Nolan and he was shredding bass in another band we were in for awhile, and Miles I just knew as a local skater/graffer and it turned out he’s a really talented drummer. They perform with me as TOA and have stuck with me through the years; we just enjoy getting together and rocking the fuck out.

Give me a bit of band history, some important events since you’ve been together.
We played locally in Philly for years, especially within the skate punk community for benefits and mainly fun, with bands like McRad, Halo of Snakes, BadLuck13, Reagan Youth, Pherilla, Twenty30, Bong Hits For Jesus, The Noid, Population Zero, The Spades, so many good local bands out of Philly. I decided finally in 2010, to put together a collaboration album featuring my bandmates, but also wanted to incorporate other talented friends of mine as well; the album turned out interesting and is available free most places.

I had to leave Philly to go work for Troma Entertainment on a film production, since then I have moved to New York to further my career as an artist, so our band got put on hiatus for a little while. It gave me some time to write some new music, play some acoustic shows at some new venues. Now we are putting together a new album starting in June that will be another collaboration of Overachievers and friends that i’m really looking forward to.

toxiclife and the overachievers

Tell me a bit about touring, your favourite places to play, share some fond memories.
We mostly stay local to the tri-state area, and occasionally make appearances here and there.

What do you love about punk music?
I’ve been playing in punk bands since I was 16. It’s been a way of life for me as far as I can remember, the music, the shows, the scene, the family I’ve made with it, and the weirdoes I’ve met through it, I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Who are some of your idols and where do you draw inspiration for new music?
I don’t have any idols, I get inspired by all sorts of crap, and I listen to all sorts of music, I also like what I like, I grew up on late ’80s early ’90s punk and that has stuck with me forever.

Describe the energy when you guys play a live show.
Our energy is normally fuelled with coffee, cheese steaks, and booze; we always have a great time!

Tell me how you guys come up with the names of some of your songs like “Zombiefuck” and “Acid Rain.”
I write most the songs and lyrics, and The Overachievers fill in the rest. We like keeping things simple so a lot of times a random theme word from the song is selected because it’s easiest to remember that way when playing, this way we’re not confused when inebriated!

You can keep up with Toxiclife and the Overachievers and order some of their shit at:

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