Left 4 Dead For Arcade Fanatics [VIDEO]

The first time I played Left 4 Dead it was with a group of friends who assumed that I had the adequate skills to play even the most rudimentary of video games. The Left 4 Dead series doesn’t take a lot to enjoy, but 100 cries from me telling my team “Help me! I’m going to die again!” and you would’ve thought that I was trying to disarm a nuclear warhead meant to kill Godzilla (in 3-D and IMAX now! Get your tickets today!) I’m just not good at video games , but that doesn’t stop me from diving straight into the ones that excite some primal, caveman part of me, and buddy, a Left 4 Dead arcade game does just that.

If you hadn’t already guessed, a Left 4 Dead game is coming to Japanese arcades soon, and it doesn’t look too different from the previous L4D games, with the exception of replacing redneck characters with Japanese schoolgirls (which is, honestly, an inevitable change, caused by forces of nature outside of our control.) The gameplay still seems rad, even if the trailer’s translation is a bit off. Apparently your goal is to “RUN AND SHOT” and the game is full of “ZOMBIE AND ZOMBIE AND ZOMBIES.” That last one might not be an error though, as that’s exactly how I’d describe a game with a lot of zombies in it.

The arcade cabinet uses Wii Remote nunchuks, which I’ve never had a problem with, but I know a lot of gamers will balk at it and say “HOW CAN I USE A WII REMOTE AND MAKEOUT WITH THIS SPICY CHICKEN COOL RANCH BIG BOX FROM TACO BELL AT THE SAME TIME? GOD, REMEMBER WHEN GAMES USED TO BE GOOD?”

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