5FDP’s Ivan Moody Encourages 9-Year-Old To Swear

Ivan Moody confirms why I think Five Finger Death Punch is nothing but a douchebag band for douchebags. Besides being a modern-day Fred Durst with equally stupid-looking headbanging, a barefoot presence on stage, and crappy basketball-inspired swag, he also seems to have some troubles with crossing lines of appropriateness.

Honestly, we’re liberal with our use of profanity here, and I don’t really have a problem with kids swearing, it’s sounds aweful, but there’s really not a lot of harm to it. However, there’s a world of difference between tolerating it and encouraging it, which is what Moody did with 9-year-old Olivia Douglas.

Considering she didn’t chant “Burn motherfucker burn,” as Moody tried to get her to do (“Come on, gorgeous, you know the words”), and just stood there frozen, she was likely incredibly uncomfortable with the situation.

If you’re wondering where her parents were, her dad was behind the camera in the video.

What do you think: Was Moody’s behavior inappropriate?

Rock Hard \m/

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