Psychotic Gardening’s Hymnosis Out Today!

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If you’re in the mood for some Canadian death metal, check out Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Psychotic Gardening, and their album Hymnosis, out today, May 13, 2014.. In my mind, death metal is born in frigid isolation, and that’s exactly what people from Winnipeg get (it’s not nicknamed “Winterpeg” for nothing). Death metal should come from cold basements and studios where inhabitants are forced inside because of the cold and the days are short; it’s just a breeding ground for dark and heavy riffs.

So, head over to BloodyDisgusting or SoundCloud for an album stream and then go to iTunes, Bandcamp, or CD Baby to make your purchase.

If the bone-crushing riffs, blistering solos, sludgy grooves, and demonic growls aren’t enough to persuade you to buy Hymnosis, then watch their new video for the album’s opening track, “Origin of the Infection,” in the player above. Is there anythign better than watching someone get tortured in an isolated shack?

Psychotic Gardening’s drummer, Matt Penner, commented on the new release:

I feel that we have an incredible album under our belts at the moment, it is a roller coaster of beatings that we want to share with the open minded sort, we really kicked everything up a good notch or two for this album, in terms of better gear, better knowledge of that said gear, plus I got to record all the drum tracks in my personal studio at my house, which really took a lot of the stress out of the process. We knew we were coming up with some strong shit and we wanted it to sound on par with our expectations, (and we feel that it does). I gotta say for myself my favorite song on the album has gotta be “Searing Cital” it’s just so damn brutal! The louder it is the meaner it sounds too! Seeing the whole thing come together now! Finally! Lol is really a relief and an incredibly positive feeling, we are proud, and looking forward to blasting the faces off of the kiddies!

Upcoming Psychotic Gardening Show Dates:

May 23 – The North Hill Inn – Brandon, MB
May 24 – The Exchange – Regina, SK w/Planet Eater & Psyborum
June 14 – Farmageddon Open Air @ Sniper Paintball Field – Tofield/Ryley, AB

Don’t forget to check out Psychotic Gardening’s brutal cover of Death’s “Open Casket.”

Rock Hard \m/

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