Suicide Monday: SGs Making A Splash

circa suicide
Circa SuicideCirca SuicideCirca SuicideCirca SuicideCirca SuicideCirca SuicideVayda SuicideVayda SuicideVayda SuicideVayda SuicideVayda Suicide

Vayda Suicide

vayda suicide
Location: Jamestown
Age: 22
Height: 5’2″
Occupation: Cosmetologist
Pigeonholes: Artsy, night owl, stoner
Into: Cynics, drinking wine, exotic women, gentle kisses, good hair, healthy food, men with dark hair, sex, starbucks, tattoos
5 things that I can’t live without: Coffee, laughter, little Broskiee, music, my cosmetics

Music: Acaia Strain, Atmosphere, Between the Buried and Me, Cocorosie, Drake, Emmure, Legion, Monsters

Television: Adult Swim, Dexter

Video Games: Grand Theft Auto, Mario Cart

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