Dark Century Books A Room At The Murder Motel

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Today, April 18th, Montreal’s Dark Century launched their sophomore album, Murder Motel, into the public consciousness. Blending thrash metal, death metal, and I’m going to say deathcore (because I don’t fully agree with the “hardcore” sound some have mentioned), Dark Century brings a fresh energy to their brand of heavy metal.

For such a young band, their approach to songwriting and their sound is mature while still being raw. Honestly, when I went to their bandcamp page to stream the album, the first song that queued up was the mid-album track “Kill the Crowd,” and it left me feeling lukewarm. Watch the “Kill the Crowd” video in the player above. There was a hooky riff here and there, but overall I was less than impressed. But, I let the album play, even if I had hovered my mouse over the “close tab” button. I’m thankful I didn’t click and listened instead. The tracks got progressively better, so I went to the beginning of the album and continued to be impressed.

Murder Motel is the follow-up album to Dark Century’s 2009 debut, Days of the Mosh.

This is definitely an album you should check out. You can stream it at: darkcentury.bandcamp.com

Murder Motel Track Listing:

1 – In Our Veins
2 – Murder Motel
3 – Torticolis
4 – Ice Breaker
5 – Kill The Crowd
6 – Dead Birds
7 – Trio du Bûcheron
8 – Cholestérol
9 – Chloroforme
10 – Mosh Test Dummies
11 – Gore On My Snare

Rock Hard \m/

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