Our Take On The New One Sheet Poster For Leprechaun: Origins

Leprechaun OriginsThe Leprechaun reboot, being produced by WWE Studios, brings about mixed feelings for me. On one hand, I don’t need another Leprechaun movie, much less a gritty reboot. I was perfectly content with having him in space or in the hood or wherever we last left off with him. Because a leprechaun is an inherently goofy thing to be, even if you’re a fan of the guy, you’re never going have a Batman & Robin black sheep of the that which forces directors to either go dark or go bat ice skating. Anyone pretending that the Leprechaun series was betraying its “roots” by including Ice-T in it needs to pick a better battle, one with at least one less mention of Ice-T.

On the other hand, I don’t hate WWE Studios films, especially their horror ones. The most promising of their entire output was their first: See No Evil, which included Glenn “Kane” Jacobs tearing out people’s eyeballs. If this Leprechaun: Origins is at least as cartoonishly violent and fun as See No Evil was, I can see myself enjoying it.

The new one sheet is pretty standard, with a bloody hand holding some gold, which has probably been every Leprechaun movie’s promotional team’s preliminary idea for what their one sheet would look like. I do dig the direct approach of “A Horror Icon Is Reborn.” Back when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning was released, they went with the metaphorical approach and wrote “Witness the Birth of Fear” with “Fear” being Leatherface and “Birth” being an actual, uncomfortable birth. “A Horror Icon Is Reborn” basically says “Reboot of Franchise that has Made a Decent Amount of Money so far, so Why the Fuck Not?

I really hope it’s a requirement by law that, on every movie poster for a movie with a wrestler in it, you have to put the nickname between the first and last name. I think real actors should get in on it too, like Russell “Noah” Crowe and Sofia “Please See This And Marry Me, Sofia” Vergara. I think that’s cool, even if I don’t know of too many people who know what a “Hornswoggle” is. I mean, with “The Rock,” you get an idea: the dude has a ton of muscles, enough muscles to be compared to a rock. The definition of “hornswoggle” is apparently “to bamboozle,” but to me, it’s always sounded like a big tuba made of bone.

Damn. Now THAT would make for a cool poster.

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