Is AC/DC Retiring?

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There appears to be a couple of conflicting rumors about AC/DC. Are they retiring? Is someone ill? Are they recording a new album? Will there be a subsequent tour?

Being that these questions have arisen from rumors and speculation, there’s no telling exactly which is true and which is not, or even if both of them have some credence.

One report, put forth by Australian 3AW entertainment reporter Peter Ford, states that “the tour will not happen and we will never see AC/DC perform again or record again.” This statement was also accompanied by Brian Johnson saying that the album recording was delayed because an AC/DC member had fallen seriously ill (that usually means deathly ill) and that Malcolm Young had returned home to be with his family.

After that news circulated for a bit, another AC/DC report was made in The Australian about the band having booked studio time in Vancouver, Canada, set to commence on May 1st.

If health isn’t an issue, I predict that AC/DC will record a new album and tour it, then they’ll retire. Dudes are freakin’ old. They still rock, but they’re old.

We’ll keep you posted on Yell! Magazine as soon as we hear any sort of confirmation.

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