Romantic Rebel (2014) – Album Review



Artist Romantic Rebel Album Romantic Rebel Year Released: 29 April 2014
Label Pavement Entertainment/Sony RED Genre Hard Rock

Social networking worked for Chicago-based rockers Romantic Rebel. Formed in 2012, it’s taken them just under two years to go from oblivion to a deal with Pavement Entertainment/Sony RED, the release of their self-titled debut album, and performing at Rock Fest with Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch.

romantic rebel

Proving their legitimacy, their debut album is full of raspy vocals, sleazy guitar riffs and an old-school hard rock sound that’s reminiscent of G’n’R and mid-’90s Ozzy. But their sound doesn’t pander to the bygone era; they actually have found a way to weave the old with the new — kinda like someone dropped an old, rebuilt big-block engine in Honda Civic. It’s amped, it’s catchy, and it rocks. The album kicks total ass, and, having seen them live, they definitely know how to put on a great, energetic show.

There aren’t a lot of women who can get you to bang your head, unless you’re listening to Arch Enemy or something similar… you know, the whole growling aspect. But lead vocalist, KT Paige doesn’t feel the need to scream and growl like an angry monster. Her vocals are amazing and you can definitely feel her emotion as she presents her lyrics. There’s definitely a Lzzy Hale quality to her delivery, but there’s more of the authenticity that comes from Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara.

Rounding out Romantic Rebel is Alex Vincent with his spazzy guitars, Danny D with his driving bass, and Marcus Lee providing the groove behind the kit. As a whole, these guys deliver awesome beats, kickass vocals, and beautifully written solos and songs.

Romantic Rebel is set to play at Rock Fest this year on July 17th, in Wisconsin, alongside Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch.

Romantic Rebel is due out April 29th, but if you pre-order (via iTunes or Amazon), you’ll get it delivered ASAP.

romantic rebel

The Verdict:

If you're looking for a party anthem this summer, Romantic Rebel's debut album might be what you need. Rife with hard rock riffs, sleazy hooks, and narly vocals, this is a working band worth your time.

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