[GIF] MMA Fighter Collapses At Corner During Main Event


On Friday night at RFA 14, a very bizarre case of neglect took place with Junior Maranhao‘s cornermen and medical officials during the main bout. Right after the fourth round ended, both Maranhao and his opponent Matt Manzanares returned to their corners to get ready for the final championship round. Everything seemed fine and dandy. However, after Maranhao sat down on his stool, he quickly collapsed. I guess this is something that could happen after a grueling triangle choke, no surprise here even if it rarely occurs.

But what happens after the collapse is what really makes the situation even more bizarre. Maranhao’s cornermen revived him and the medical officials allow him to fight in the fifth round without an inspection. Pretty messed up, no? I’m no medical expert, but I believe Maranhao could have easily suffered a serious injury from the lack of strength in the last round.

In the end, Maranhao lost the RFA flyweight title to Manzanares by split decision.

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