Proxy (2013) – Zack Parker Has No Remorse For Pregnant Women (VIDEO)

If you have already seen the trailers for Proxy, then you know Zack Parker‘s new indie horror film is going to be disturbing as hell. Anyone who makes a film that involves a pregnant women being brutally attacked is going to get some negative backlash, there’s no doubt about that. We won’t because we know it’s just another horror film and we love this kind of stuff. Our hands go out to Parker for pulling off a shocking opening scene so damn well. It’s shocking enough to make you cringe and want more, especially want to see how Esther moves on with her life after this assault.

The video clip you’re about to watch is definitely not safe for work, or for the faint of heart. However, horror fans will most likely appreciate it and will be talking about Proxy for the next few days because we know it’s going to be great. So, spread the word on Proxy like it’s a disease and make sure you catch it in theaters, if you can.

For now, all we know for sure is the film drops on VOD services on April 18th.

About Proxy

The pregnant Esther (Alexia Rasmussen) is traumatized when an unexpected and incredibly brutal attack leaves her disfigured and causes her to miscarry. She’s questioned by the police, only for her to tell them that she can’t figure out why anyone would want to do such a thing. Alone and without any family or friends, Esther turns to a local support group for people dealing with losses in her life. She bonds with Melanie (Alexa Havins), a woman who lost her husband and son to a drunk driver. However not everything is as it seems to be, which could prove to be deadly.

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